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GVEC Internet is an internet provider in South Central Texas, serving both residents and businesses in the area. Fast and reliable internet service is essential to keeping business operations and life running smoothly.

We have been in the industry since 1998, with the goal of providing high-speed and affordable rate plans to customers with no data limits and no hidden fees.


GVEC Internet only employs highly trained and reliable experts to ensure professional installation and provide friendly 24/7 technical troubleshooting. Call us if you need service and we are more than happy to check your location, create an account for you, and set an appointment within the week for the installation.



GVEC Internet offers multiple affordable internet plans for your home and business, all with NO data limits. Rest assured that you get high-speed and reliable service with ALL available plans. We also never add any additional fees! Our home plans start with internet speeds of up to 1 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps for those that need the fastest connection at home.

For businesses, we offer blazing fast internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps, allowing you to do anything online! We also offer fiber internet in many areas for the fastest, most secure connection possible. Fiber lines travel directly to your home for an unmatched internet experience! GVEC Internet is consistent in providing high-speed internet services to our community. Call us anytime so we can check your availability.


At GVEC, we provide the reliable internet service you need with the local customer service you deserve. When you call in to set up service or discuss your account, you’ll be speaking with a live representative from your South Central Texas community.

To maximize your internet speed and reliability, we offer the state-of-the-art, WiFi 6 enabled Calix router for rental. Our GVEC WiFi app allows users greater control of their connections, parental controls, and usage statistics. We also offer WiFi optimizing mesh networks to extend signal strength throughout your entire home and immediate outdoor areas.


GVEC Internet customers have spoken, and they’re liking what we’re delivering. Compared to all publicly measured companies in the 2021 ACSI survey of customers rating the performance of their ISPs, GVEC Internet subscribers rated us #1 in Customer Satisfaction over all internet service providers.

Do you need fast, affordable internet services for your home or business? Contact us today to learn more!


"Absolutely love my new internet service!!! So much faster and more reliable than spectrum ever was. John was very respectful in my home too, attentive to where I needed the service and respectful to the other family members sleeping while getting the job done in a timely manner. Amazing work."

— Jason M.

"The GVEC gentlemen showed up and worked with me to find the best location to place the wifi. They listened to my concerns and explained everything they were doing and why. It was most helpful and made me feel like I made the right choice. I would recommend the GVEC fiber optic service to everyone."

— Joni M.

"GVEC’s customer service has been top notch, the fiber install was quick and professional, their online and app-based account management tools are great, and the fiber speed is what I’ve been wanting/needing for 4 years. Thank you, GVEC!"

— Mumme B.

"All the folks who worked on the system install were exceptionally polite and patient. It took over an hour just to ascertain the best location to bring the fiber into our home, but the young man, Clayton, who worked with us to get it done, was patient, and thoughtful, and offered good ideas to effect the proper solution."

— Scottland R.

"They set up my internet faster than expected and it works phenomenally. I use my own network hubs and wireless access points so flipping from AT&T to GVEC was phenomenally easy, just about 10 min to wait for the connection from GVEC to provision and deploy an IP address. And it was definitely faster than AT&T on the speed tests."

— Anne F.

"We are very happy with the installation and the speed at which it was done! We were told it could be up to 2 weeks for the installation but we got a call the same day for the installation. Everything was up and running in a matter of a few hours. The 2 install techs were very nice and had great solutions for my internet needs. Great job!"

— Sandy S.

"Their install crew was very friendly and professional. They called ahead to let me know they were on the way and took the time to explain everything they were doing and why. They also made sure I was ok with certain things (like drilling holes) before they did them."

— Tim D.

"Amazing.. the crew was very prompt about time of arrival, professional and was helpful when I was having a little issue with setting up modem. And plus no extra wire nor trash lying around. I have to say your guys were GREAT. Thank you for setting up our service so quick."

— Trevor H.

"Got my GVEC internet hooked up yesterday. The service technicians were on time, professional, very courteous , and efficient. In no time I was up and running with FAST internet service. Glad I made the switch!"

— Sophie T.


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GVEC specializes in the delivery of products and services that empower the people and communities we serve. Along with our internet services, we offer AC/heating sales and service, solar and battery services, and electrician services.


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