Fiber to the Home or Business Internet service offers the best of today’s technology. It’s more reliable than any other type of Internet delivery because the service runs through fiber optic cable rather than through the air like wireless or copper-like DSL and cable modem.

How Fiber Works

So, your service won’t be affected by weather, water, other carrier frequencies, or obstructions like trees or buildings blocking the signal.

Also, Fiber to the Home or Business service from GVEC Internet works differently from some other providers. Our fiber cable goes into your home or business and directly to an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which provides service directly to your computer and other devices using a wired or wireless connection.

Other providers don’t have this seamless connection. They may only connect their fiber optic cable to a pedestal or hub in your neighborhood or area, and then from there use a copper wire to carry service to a box on the exterior of your home or business, which is then connected to jacks or ports inside your home or business. Using copper wire as part of the process can reduce reliability and speed, as well as degrade over time.
  • Fiber optic cable consists of strands of pure glass as thin as a human hair capable of carrying digital information over long distances. A single cable can contain up to a thousand fibers which increase bandwidth and the ability to deliver large amounts of data from the Internet to multiple devices in your home. The data is transmitted at significantly higher speeds—up to 1 Gbps through GVEC Internet.
  • Another benefit is that with fiber cable residential and commercial plans, upload and download speeds are symmetrical. That means you can upload items as fast as you can download them.
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GVEC Internet consistently attempts to meet and exceed all customer needs and expectations. However, due to uncontrollable factors such as weather and equipment failure, there may be times that we are unable to meet the committed speeds. However, GVEC Internet will work diligently to restore those committed speeds in a timely manner.

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