GVEC Internet brings high-speed wireless Internet to you without the need for phone lines, cable or satellite, making it possible for customers to have Internet service whether they are rural or live in a well-connected suburban area.

How Wireless Works

Our service utilizes a wireless network based on radio signals that transmit data from your computer to the Internet and back.
  • We install a small radio and mast (if necessary) on or near your home which communicates to access points on nearby towers.
  • The radio is connected by Ethernet cable to your computer or a wireless router if you have more than one Internet-enabled device.
  • The signal travels from your computer to the router, to the radio antenna, to the access points over the Internet and back. With a wireless router, you can connect to the Internet from anywhere in your home or business.
When you contact us with your address, we’ll map your location to ensure you are in the range of one of our towers. Since our high-speed service is a line-of-sight service, it’s also important that the signal from your location can travel to the tower without being blocked by any obstruction such as trees, hills or buildings—something we will check when we make an appointment to meet you for equipment installation.
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GVEC Internet consistently attempts to meet and exceed all customer needs and expectations. However, due to uncontrollable factors such as weather and equipment failure, there may be times that we are unable to meet the committed speeds. However GVEC Internet will work diligently to restore those committed speeds in a timely manner.